Graduate Healthcare Administration Training Program (GHATP): Interns/Recent Graduates

Man sitting with bookVeterans Health Administration's (VHA) Interns/Recent Graduates Program under the Graduate Healthcare Administration Training Program (GHATP) supplements the teaching component of health services administration graduate programs. ​Opportunities are provided to interns or recent graduates to apply knowledge gained through coursework.

Through this program, VA provides in-hospital experiences for students who are receiving or who have just received master's degrees such as Master of Health Care Administration (MHA), Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA), Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Public Administration (MPA), or Master of Business Administration (MBA). MBA and MPA candidates must have had coursework in health care administration to qualify. The 12-month program is offered at the GS 7-9 grade range with potential to GS 11.

Eligibility Requirements

The program offers two types of administrative training positions:
  • Interns – Graduate students who have completed the instructional portion of their accredited graduate program, are in the second year of their master's program, and are seeking practical experience for up to 12 months prior to receiving their degree.​
  • Recent Graduates – Graduates who have completed a master's degree from a qualifying educational program within the last 2 years of their degree, up to 6 years for Veterans, and who are seeking advanced practical experience up to 12 months.


Candidates must possess a degree in a major field of study in hospital administration, public health administration, or related fields such as business or public administration with course work in health care administration that is recognized  by one of the accrediting agencies or associations recognized by the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education.

General Training and Developmental Experiences

​​Interns or recent graduates receive a salary, benefits, training, and travel. Training is provided by experienced VA professionals, known as preceptors.

Application Process

All jobs are posted on USAJOBS when available. Please apply directly to USAJOBS (keyword search: GHATP) for all GHATP opportunities announced by participating VA medical centers. Typically, recruitment begins in December and can run through the end of May.

Program Information


Contact Information:
For information about GHATP, contact:


Program Size:
VA sponsored 40 employees in 2014 and 52 employees in 2013 through the GHATP Interns/Recent Graduates Program.

Current Career Fields:
Health care administration professionals

After Program Completion

Upon successful completion of the training program, interns or recent graduates are eligible for placement in a position within the VA health care system. Preceptors work with interns and recent graduates to find a position that best fits their skills, needs, and circumstances.