Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiters work in collaboration with nursing leadership to manage, implement, and evaluate the internal and external nursing recruitment and retention programs. Their strong focus is on recruiting highly qualified nurses functioning within the full scope of practice to meet the complex medical challenges facing Veterans and their families. These professionals recruit the nurses who deliver exceptional patient centered care to Veterans.

Job Duties

  • Collaborates with management to develop, implement, and evaluate goals for the recruitment and retention program
  • Coordinates and participates in the hiring process of the nursing staff
  • Monitors internal and external hiring trends and recruitment practices to enhance the recruitment and retention programs

Knowledge Areas

Need to have a thorough understanding of:

  • Federal laws and VA rules and regulations for hiring nursing staff (e.g., EEO laws and Title 38)
  • Nursing qualifications standards (e.g., Nurse Professional Standards Board)
  • Methods for establishing and maintaining professional networks
  • Principles of marketing and public relations
  • Career management consultation and guidance
  • Strategies for maximizing recruitment to VA nursing jobs (e.g., job announcements, employee referrals, and social networking)
  • Succession and workforce planning
  • USA Staffing and VA Recruiter websites
  • Best practices for retention of nursing staff

Education and Licensure

Job announcements may contain more specific requirements:

  • A degree or diploma from a CCNE or ACEN accredited nursing program (at the time of graduation) is required
  • An active, current, full, and unrestricted registration as a professional nurse is required

Training & Developmental Experiences


Grade Range: 2-3

Developmental Experiences

  • Review VA hiring regulations and requirements for Title 38, Title 38 Hybrid, and Title 5 positions and share knowledge learned with others
  • Become a member of the Nurse Professional Standards Board
  • Attend national educational seminars
  • Develop and present a professional presentation to market a specific nursing field of practice to a targeted audience
  • Assist nursing staff by evaluating their professional resumes or curriculum vitae
  • Maintain a social media presence and regularly provide updates on new hiring initiatives and the benefits of working for VA
  • Review current nursing succession and workforce plans
  • Successfully fill out a job application through
  • Become a member of the nursing recruitment and retention committee

Training Resources

* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to VA employees for continued career growth. Some courses may not be available if they are not in a person’s learning plan or catalogue.

Professional Associations

Membership in professional organizations can be useful in maintaining an awareness of developments in the field. These organizations are examples of associations aligned with this position:

Career Fit

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