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Mail and File Clerk

Mail and File Clerks manage and process mail. These professionals sort and distribute incoming and outgoing mail using a variety of office equipment. Mail and File Clerks constantly improve methods to ensure mail is processed in a timely, accurate and secure manner.

Knowledge Areas

Mail and File Clerks need to have a thorough understanding of:
  • Mail types and document handling procedures

  • Mail security and emergency procedures

  • Office equipment operation (e.g., copiers, printers and electronic date stamps)

  • Records management

  • Tracking software systems (e.g., UPS tracking)

  • VA and organization-specific mission, vision and goals

  • VA, federal and other laws and regulations (e.g., U.S. Postal Service and the Privacy Act of 1974)

Training & Developmental Experiences

Grade Range: GS02-GS05

Developmental Experiences
  • Categorize a set of documents based on their subject matter

  • Review federal mail security regulations

  • Create a brochure or a flyer

  • Use a public library record system to find information

  • Track a package

  • Read and review VA's website for organizational awareness

  • Research the U.S. Postal Service laws and regulations

Training Resources
* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to all VA employees for continued career growth.
Grade Range: GS07-GS09

Developmental Experiences
  • Create a system for mail distribution

  • Volunteer as an Emergency Preparedness Official

  • Schedule preventative maintenance for a copier

  • Lead the review of a revised VA directive related to records management

  • Maintain a spreadsheet to track multiple packages

  • Write a summary about how your organization helps Veterans

  • Explain the application of the Privacy Act in mail processing to a new hire

Training Resources
* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to all VA employees for continued career growth.

Additional Information

This job has positions which range from GS02 to GS09.

As part of the duties that may be performed in this job, an employee:
  • Processes incoming and outgoing mail

  • Operates and monitors mail equipment

  • Implements and adjusts established mail procedures to ensure timeliness, accuracy and security

Current Job Openings

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Job Summary Location
File Clerk St. Louis
Mail Clerk Springfield/Champaign
FILE CLERK, GS-305-4 Ann Arbor
File Clerk (Data Transcription) Long Beach

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Education and Licensure

  • No mandatory or recommended education

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Work Interests

Work Interests refer to the types of work activities that interest you, such as interacting with people, thinking of new ideas, or working with your hands. The chart below shows the Work Interest Profile for this job.
Realistic: Med: Investigative: Med; Artistic: low; Social: Med; Enterprising: Med; Conventional: High

Work Environment

Work Environment refers to the setting in which you like to work, such as inside or outside, in a competitive or supportive environment, or in an environment with a little or a lot of time pressure. The chart below shows the Work Environment Profile for this job.
Responsibility: Med; Exposure to Job Hazards: Low; Physical Activity: Med; Decision Making: Low; Repetitiveness: Med; Level of Competition: Low; Time Pressure: High

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Professional Associations

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