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Budget Technician

Budget Technicians compile budget data for inclusion in reports and assist in ensuring that all systems’ fund balances match the Standard Ledger balance. Budget Technicians help VA to improve reporting accuracy of its finances and demonstrate the sensible management of fiscal responsibilities that make VA a leading federal agency.

They monitor obligations and expenditures through the application of conventional practices to ensure proper processing, recording and maintenance of budgetary transactions. These employees play an important role in ensuring that VA is able to effectively budget its resources to provide Veterans and their families with exceptional care and services.

Knowledge Areas

Budget Technicians need to have a thorough understanding of:
  • Budgetary procedures and regulations

  • Budgetary documents, reports, and records to identify obvious budget information errors and inconsistencies

  • Interrelated steps, conditions, and procedures or processes required to assemble, review, and maintain budget information

  • Accounting, budget, and financial management regulations, practices, procedures, and policies

  • Computer applications (e.g., Excel, Harvard Graphics, PC Tools, and Word) with specific application to account and budgetary forecasting 

Training & Developmental Experiences

 Grade Range: GS03-GS05

 Developmental Experiences
  • Consolidate and compile budgetary data

  • Review closed accounts with unobligated balances

  • Develop and monitor cost-code ledger on funds made available to the Project Office

  • Resolve discrepancies between transaction document accounts with the Financial Services Staff

  • Prepare and analyze funding reports

 Training Resources
 * This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to all VA employees for continued career growth.
 Grade Range: GS06-GS09

 Developmental Experiences
  • Use payroll data to prepare salary projections for program officials so they may plan their expenditures accordingly

  • Input fund control point updates using financial systems (e.g., Integrated Funds Distribution Control Point Activity Accounting & Procurement (IFCAP) and Financial Management Service (FMS)) in order to keep local accounting records accurate and current

  • Track distributions, reconcile commitments, and make obligations when reallocation of organization funds is needed

 Training Resources
 * This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to all VA employees for continued career growth.

Additional Information

This job has positions which range from GS03 to GS09.

Examples of duties that employees in this job may perform include:
  • Creates transactions within the current accounting system to support the budget structure

  • Extracts, compiles, and summarizes expenditures by category for completion of annual budget report

  • Provides guidance to budget analyst and program manager on protocol to support budget estimates

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Education and Licensure

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Work Interests

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Work Environment

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Responsibility: Low; Exposure to Job Hazards: Low; Physical Activity: Med; Decision Making: Med; Repetitiveness: High; Level of Competition: Low; Time Pressure: Med

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