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Claims Assistant

Claims Assistants serve as the initial reviewers for compensation and pension claims. They are valuable members of the VA team that ensures that claims are processed so Veterans receive the benefits they have earned through their service. Claims Assistants are responsible for the care and maintenance of the claims folders, analyzing the claim and determining if the disposition of the claims and control action have been appropriately identified.

These employees develop straightforward evidence in conjunction with claims, establish or update control action, and facilitate workflow between the team and other Veterans Service Centers (VSC). They also prepare reports of contact; receive, review and date stamp all incoming correspondence; schedule all requests for hearings; and provide administrative support to the Regional Office.

Knowledge Areas

Claims Assistants need to have a thorough understanding of:
  • Methods for interpreting and seeking out information on complex sets of laws, rules and policies

  • Phases of claims processing (i.e., public contact, triage, pre-determination, rating, post-determination and appeals)

  • Techniques for communicating with all types of individuals from a variety of backgrounds concerning a wide range of subjects and/or situations

  • The VA laws, rules, regulations, and policies governing claims, benefits and eligibility

  • Applicable electronic data processing and tracking systems (e.g., COVERS, CAPRI, MAP-D and SHARE)

  • Claims folders including proper contents and maintenance

  • Policies and procedures regarding privacy and release of information

  • Mail (information and evidence) processing

Training & Developmental Experiences

Grade Range: GS04-GS06

Developmental Experiences
  • Communicate with federal archives records centers to transfer retired folders

  • Distribute mail to the appropriate team upon entry to the office

  • Schedule a hearing on an appeal case

  • Establish initial control on CLCW or fast track claims

  • Create a new folder for a claim after determining that one does not yet exist

  • Access CAPRI to print medical records from the VA medical center

  • Process a Freedom of Information Act request

  • Establish the appropriate control of a compensation claim

Training Resources
* This is an internal Department of Veterans Affairs training opportunity provided to all VA employees for continued career growth.

Additional Information

This job has positions which range from GS04 to GS06.

As part of the duties that may be performed in this job, an employee:
  • Provides high quality customer service by determining the best approach to handling issues

  • Processes applications and associated documents and inputs information into the database

  • Provides information to the public on rights, benefits, privileges, or obligations under body of law

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Job Summary Location
Claims Assistant Roanoke
Claims Assistant Houston
Claims Assistant Central/Augusta
Claims Assistant Columbus/Zanesville

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Education and Licensure

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Work Interests

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Realistic: Low: Investigative: Low; Artistic: Low; Social: Med; Enterprising: High; Conventional: High

Work Environment

Work Environment refers to the setting in which you like to work, such as inside or outside, in a competitive or supportive environment, or in an environment with a little or a lot of time pressure. The chart below shows the Work Environment Profile for this job.
Responsibility: Low; Exposure to Job Hazards: Low; Physical Activity: Low; Decision Making: Med; Repetitiveness: High; Level of Competition: Med; Time Pressure: Med

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